Aldi Champagne Cognac 2002 40%

Want some a bit different? Don’t really like whisky? Want something to warm the cockles on a cold evening or something to help settle dinner? Then buy this, by the case load.

Another frankly bizarre offering from Aldi, Cognac doesn’t demand the same prices at whisky, yes, I get that, but this is £29.99 for heaven’s sake.

This isn’t the most complex bottle of alcohol you’ll ever try or perhaps I’m not as clued up on French spirits as I should be which is why this is perhaps a shorter review than some others.

Bottled at 40% this needs nothing but a glass and a warm hand to take any chill from the spirit.

Nose. Warm oranges and sweet spices, candied fruit and lemon meringue pie then apple crumble, all in one glass.

Palate. The warm apple pie and vanilla note is exceptional, hints of rose petals and fresh oranges and a touch of clove.

Finish. Warming and sweet, medium finish.

Beautiful bottle of booze, just a lovely warm, fruity glass of booze, perfect on a winters night.

The Captain.












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