Naked Grouse Blended Malt 40%

Naked Grouse is a cracking mid week sipper, one of my favourites, a thirty quid blend which is on offer all the time for as long as twenty and offers brilliant value for money.

And now it’s gone, in a flash it changed from a blend to a blended malt, oooooh, same sort of price too, in fact I paid twenty quid for this on Amazon, but they’ve now taken out the grain and will this be a question of no grain no gain? We’ll see.

This doesn’t need water in my opinion but handles an ice ball well, if that’s your thing.

Nose. Light, a little bit lacking compared to the old version, takes a while to open up certainly, malty, pineapple jam and then some lovely sherry notes, this was matured in first fill sherry casks and it really comes through. Little bit of smoke but not much.

Palate. Really nice sherry hit, better on the palate than the nose, it’s a more immediate hit, cherries and sultanas, orange rind and toffee, whipping cream and icing sugar.

Finish. Medium and full of sherry.

This is a bit of slow burning. The bottle needs some air, I’ve had a few drams of this now and it works well, still takes time to open up but this is a refined and well balanced sherry based whisky that highlights blended malts superbly.

You would do a lot worse than spending twenty five quid on this.

The Captain.


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