Aldi Glen Marnoch 29 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 40%

As another Christmas hurtles towards us Aldi have once again presented us with another selection of limited edition whiskies and other spirits.

This 29 year old Single Malt bottled at 40% is £39.99, a nearly thirty year old of bottle of whisky for under forty quid, but let’s see if it’s decent.

I don’t think this needs much more than a drop of water and it wants half an hour in the glass to open up, it really needs some air full stop, I’d open your bottle pour out a dram, leave the cork off for an hour then, reseal and go back to it in a few days.

Nose. Faint citrus fruits at first, lime and kumquats leading into sticky toffee pudding and a chocolate hobnobs.

Palate. The faint citrus stays with orange but pear and apple crumble, vanilla cream and then those hobnobs and a touch of salt and bitter chocolate.

Finish. It’s relatively quick, it leaves a pleasant toffee and orange feel.

This is worth forty quid of your money.

Thanks to Aldi for the sample although I have bought a bottle too.

The wee box is silly and was used as kindling.

The Captain



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