How I review, and why.


Why I review.

I love whisky, I love talking but I’m a hermit, just ask anyone who’s asked me to attend anything, I have missed my own leaving do at work not once but twice, I just don’t like being out in company so this is a way for me to share my passion without leaving the house.

I also review on the basis that you’re a friend and you’ve sent me a text or phoned me, please don’t phone me, talking on the phone is almost as bad as leaving the house, and that I’m always honest when I review because who would lie to friend about how good a whisky is?


When I review a whisky I will use a Glencairn, I use this because it’s the best, in my opinion, with regards to getting the most out of a whisky. I always use a Glencairn to add some aspect of uniformity to my reviewing process.


I almost always drink my whisky with water, the amount added is always stipulated in my review and I’m using a teaspoon to add water because everyone has a teaspoon, I assume.

How much do I drink?

Depends on the sample, I find it hard to review a product from a 3cl sample, that’s one dram and when I’m reviewing a whisky I like to take it over two evenings at least. I attempt to have a scent free environment and ideally at slightly different times of the day, I think this helps get the most from a sample, I usually take an age too, It takes me a good few hours to taste each glass of whisky as I try and figure out what’s going on and giving you an honest and detailed review of the product. I’ve reviewed video games in the past and would anyone read a video game review in which I’d only played the first ten minutes of a game? No, they would not, and I think same for whisky.


I have seen some articles on whisky which caused me to raise an eyebrow, pieces which are copy and paste from PR firms and passed off as someone’s own opinion stinks, I’ve also rather sadly seen people do a glorious write up and then fail to mention that they’ve been paid for it whether that be a free sample or actual money, you’re being paid and you mention this.

Stuff I don’t like.

If I receive a whisky I don’t get on with I don’t review it, if I think it’s over priced or a bit over packaged then I’ll say so but if I don’t like something I’ll just leave it there.

Whisky is subjective, what you might like I might not and I know lots of whisky companies are on fine margins and why should I be critical of something someone has worked hard on.

The Captain.


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