Aldi Highland Earl Smoked Reserve 40%

The standard Highland Earl is alright, it’s a whisky for mixing or for having with ice but actually works reasonably well with a touch of water and now the good old Earl has brought us a peaty version, a peaty whisky for under fifteen pounds.

According to Harry, my source in Aldi HQ, this is a limited run probably until after the festival period so get in now and get in hard.

Doesn’t really need water in my opinion and is spectacular with Irn Bru or Ginger Ale, my two favourite mixers.

Nose. Light peat smoke, a nice sweetness too, stewed pears and a pleasant rich grain, creamy porridge that’s been done over a Barbecue?

Palate. Sweetness and smoke in abundance, smoked cream, which should be a thing, vanilla, treacle tart and tablet ice cream, which is a thing, from Aldi, pipe tobacco and a soupcon of fennel, touch of white pepper.

Finish. Short and smoky.

Age statement whisky here too, aged 3 years, which I quite like, I’d suggest there is perhaps a few spoonfuls of aged grain here, there isn’t a young whisky feel here at all, it’s remarkable that such a cheap whisky can provide such a decent end product.

Okay, so it’s not hugely complex but as a mid week sipper? Perfect.

The Captain.




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