Aldi Irish Single Malt 26 Year Old 40%

You know Christmas is coming when the German discount retailers we all know and love roll out their special booze.

Over the next week or so I’ll be looking at the Special Single Grain, the 29 Year Old Single Malt Scotch, the new budget smokey effort and if I have time their new blended grain, but for now I’m skipping over the Irish sea to try a 26 Year Old Irish Single Malt.

I don’t drink a lot of Irish whiskey, I quite like Teeling and I’ve got a bottle of Bushmill’s kicking about but this is my first foray into anything over ten years.

This is bottled at 40% and it’s under forty quid.

Thanks to Aldi for supplying the generous sample.

I took this with a touch of water and it needs a good half an hour in the glass to let it relax and open up a bit.

Nose. Burnt orange, milk chocolate and touch of sherry, quite a lot of wood and some apricot and pineapple jam, the only fresh fruit I get is gooseberry, quite a bit of sawdust too, I thought it was just my fire place but I took it into my game room and it was the same.

Palate. Woody at first but with Vanilla and honey, cinnamon, wee bit of clove, malt and some herbal tea and ham, I love ham flavoured whiskey, nice.

Finish. For some reason some nice warm honey and ham turn into something that’s borderline soapy, quite bizarre and not brilliant.

The finish aside, which is just strange, this is a pretty decent drop of whisky and well worth the forty quid. It’s got more range and depth than any Irish I’ve ever tried, but I’ll admit that isn’t saying much.

I suspect this will sell out quickly.

The Captain.

5. 26 Year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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