Aldi Solo Clubhouse Premium Single Grain Whisky 40%

Oh my days.

The German retailers have tried single grain before with varied success and now they are tapping into the Haig Club market (I mean it’s called Clubhouse) and giving us a Premium Grain whisky in a slightly silly bottle but they have hit the jackpot, this is superb whisky and worth every penny of the Twenty quid it’s being sold for.

Needs no water, might take some ice I guess but for the purposes of getting the most out of it then neat is fine.

Nose. Sweetness, honey and vanilla, corn and creamy porridge, sweet notes of strawberries and raspberries too. quite remarkable.

Palate. Simple and sweet, like a bag of sweets, lemon, honey, almost a spiced rum feel, whipped cream and dessert wine sort of feel.

Finish. Very decent, medium finish, sweet and easy going.

This is a quite remarkable whisky, it’s far better than the Haig Club the bottle and name suggests it’s marketed around, it might have a bit of age about it too, I’d say it’s got a good bit of something over ten years here, it’s just a very pleasant dram with zero roughness.

Thanks to Aldi for the sample but I’ve also bought two bottles of this because it’s going to be my go to grain for a while to come.

The Captain.



  1. My oh my…This whiskey is fabulous…smooth and delicate… why oh why is it no longer available….come on Aldi… get some more it’s gorgeous…
    In my opinion far better than a lot of other top named whiskeys…


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