Mitchell’s Blended Scotch Whisky 40%

I’m not sure why this isn’t more popular, or at least more talked about, it’s brilliant and it’s cheap.

Made by J and A Mitchell’s of Campbeltown, this young and Spritely number hails in part from the Glengyle single malt which produces the more famous Kilkerran single malt.

This can take a touch of water but doesn’t require much, I think with something like this you want a bit of bite and water somewhat softens the punch.

Nose. An initial burst of peat smoke but with lots of lemon, fondant and orange barely sweets, warm sugary porridge too, whatever grain they use is top notch.

Palate. It’s lively that’s for sure, I prefer young peaty whisky to aged stuff anyway, touch of cracked black pepper, throat sweets and golden syrup that’s about to burn all wrapped up in a blanket of smoke.

Finish. Peppery heat and lemon sherbet sweetness and offers a longer finish than you might expect from something so young.

This is great, I doubt it’s older than 6 years but it’s really worth tracking down if you can find it.

The Captain.



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