Bimber Distillery 14 Month American Oak 62%

The final of my look through what will be the initial whiskies from London distillery Bimber brings us to a 14 month matured spirit from Virgin American Oak casks and weighing in a meaty 62%.

Needless to say this was taken with a fair drop of water and was left in the glass for half an hour.

This is an experimental batch and will be available to buy in 2019, although you can pre order now.

Nose. Musky, seems older than 14 months, lots of old leather boots, wee bit of smoke and a touch of brandy soaked Christmas cake mix, very interesting for what it is.

Palate. Slightly over powering at first, its youth is more prominent than on the nose, once it settles there is over ripe banana, smoked syrup, nutty, wee bit of vanilla, the new make I’ve described in a previous post comes back, but not in a bad way.

Finish. Longer lasting that before, New Make and a smoke toffee caramel.

This is very interesting for something so young, it’s worth a try if you can find it and well played to Bimber for creating something so interesting.

Thanks to the Bimber team for the sample.

And so that’s it, my five fingers of Bimber are now explored and I think we’ll be hearing a lot from them. I’ve been told that their prices will come once production of whisky starts properly and it’s just a shame I’ll need to wait until I’m nearly retired before I taste this as a 12 Year Old, which will be excellent.

The Captain.



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