Pinot Grigio Redentore delle Venezie 12%

A natural wine from Italy, I picked this up from the Organic Wine Club and it is another belter.

Some natural wines are a bit off piste, their difference is what makes them so interesting so the idea of a natural wine which is also one of the biggest grape names in the world, and a personal favourite, had me throwing money at the internet when I saw this for sale.

Pinot Grigio is a grape variety you’ll see on bottles ranging from £3 quid to around £20 and is light and easy drinking and by that I mean cold and wet and not awful but a bit bland usually so will a natural variant take it to new places? I should hope so.

This is a natural wine with no sulphites or sugars added although some may occur during the wine making process.

Chilled for two hours in the fridge and the bottle was taken over two sittings.

Nose. Nutty, feels like there is a slight fizz happening but without it being fizzy, grassy and then some tinned pears, gooseberries and then red currants.

Palate. Crisp and sharp green apples, touch of brine, buttery toast, not too acidic with a nice fruity feel to it.

Finish. Short like most white wines, but wants you wanting more.

This is a great wine, it’s not as funky as some natural wines, but has a lot happening and is miles better than any other Pinot Grigio I’ve had before.

The Captain.


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