Bimber Single Malt London Whisky Port Cask 62%

Mmmmmmmm Port Cask whisky and not something that’s a bit rough that spent a few months in a port cask to sort it out but fully matured for its full 14 month in port casks giving us a chance to experience a young punchy spirit mixed with that sweet port goodness.

Bottled at 62% this takes a drop of water well and needed a couple of hours to really open up.

Nose. Dry sherry, touch of Campari as well, which I wasn’t expecting, cherries steeped in spirit, warm buttery malt loaf, sweet porridge with dark fruity jam.

Palate. Relaxed new make and sour cherries, plum duff and those fig biscuits you never see anymore, touch of cough syrup and port.

Finish. Warm honey and figs with a drop of that new make.

This is very different from the other Bimber spirits I’ve tried and feels more experimental than the others, they’ve deliberately made something very different and I’m pretty sure this will become a love or hate it kind of drink, it’ll certainly challenge people to get the most out of it.

This will be fierce when it’s released as a whisky in a couple of years but if you can try and get a sample of this and get stuck in to something which would work now as a spirit drink.

I will say this, it works very well with blue cheese, I mean really well.

Thanks to Bimber for the sample.

The Captain.


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