Glenfiddich Winter Storm. 43%

Part three of the Experimental series brings us a 21 Year Old Whisky bottled at 43% and finished for six months in Ice Wine Casks, ooooh, Ice Wine.

I like Ice Wine, the grapes are frozen on the vine, the idea is that the sugars don’t freeze but the water does meaning a more intense flavour, a thick, often very sweet, dessert wine, and it’s amazeballs with stinking blue cheese.

I was torn about this release for a few reasons though, let me explain.

First off was the bottle, I hate fancy packaging, it adds to the cost of the end product and sometimes I wonder what they’re trying to hide buy putting it on display in such a ostentatious way, I just don’t like it, with any whisky.

Next is the price, it’s pretty much sold out now so I guess it doesn’t matter, but the first two of the Experimental range were under fifty pounds, this has jumped to a quid under two hundred which seems a steep price hike and you can get a non ice wined 21 Year Old Glenfiddich for as much as eighty quid less, certainly seventy pounds less which seems a lot, so is it worth it?

I really liked the first two of the range, the XX in particular is fantastic, with a drop of water it is perfection in a glass so much so that I’ve bought several bottles of this to enjoy for years to come, if I was stuck on a desert island with only one whisky to take from the ship’s hold before it sank, this would be a mighty bottle to swim ashore with, so this new effort really had a lot to live up to.

I this this needs a good half an hour in the glass and water really brings it up.

Nose. Kiwi fruit and limes, and pineapple but a pineapple that’s a bit over ripe and over there, on that shelf where my wife put it to keep it for a treat but now it’s gone a bit manky, yeah, that one, sweet grape juice, grape juice and candy floss grapes which are a thing and are my favourite grapes, there is a touch of crisp green apple too.

Palate. A soft and sweet affair, strawberry flavoured marshmallows, milk chocolate, honeycomb and more of those candyfloss grapes, sweet and tart and delicious.

Finish. Shorter than I expected, sweet with a whisp that sticky sweet wine.

This is tricky for me, I think it’s a lovely drop, my sample, provided kindly by Glenfiddich, was taken over two sessions and was lapped up, I would drink this forever but I also think it’s a little bit too expensive and the sad thing is, it doesn’t need the fancy packaging which adds to the cost, it’s a dram which absolutely can stand on its own two feet.

So would I buy this? Sigh, I dunno, I would think about it but it’s almost sold out so if I see it at auction for near retail then perhaps, would I recommend it? Well that’s a trickier one still, if you regalarly spend this sort of money on whisky then yes, if you would spend two hundred pounds on a bottle of whisky as a super deluxe treat and you really like Glenfiddich finished in sweet wine cask then aye, otherwise then I think not, but I’d try it if you found it in a bar for sure.

If you’d like to try Ice Wine I can recommend the ones Lidl and Aldi sell every now and again, well worth it without breaking the bank.

The Captain.




  1. Honestly I could take or leave the IPA, while the XX was exquisite! As for Winer Storm I thought it was a great whisky but like you the price let it down for me.

    IPA and XX had given me a false hope that the whole of the experimental series would be made up of exciting and affordable whiskies. Maybe I was just being naive with that!

    Good, honest review though – keep it up!


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I understand that the ice wine casks would have been at a premium to Glenfiddich but with the 21 available for as much as 75 pounds less, which is also finished although in a presumably cheaper Rum cask, but not as much as this price indicates.

      Like yourself I had hoped that Winter Storm would have been part of a more affordable range, the first two were within most budgets but this just sails away.


      1. Yeah I can understand additional costs for casks, packaging, limited edition etc. and I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was just a special release. But as part of the experimental series I was just hoping they’d all be at an affordable price. It’s a shame but was bound to happen I suppose – still a fantastic whisky even if it’s out my price range!


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