Bimber Single Malt London Whisky Sherry Cask 62%

Gosh, a 14 month matured spirit in sherry casks and it’s a beast.

Bottled at 62% I needed a wee bit of water to really get to know this but other might need less as it’s softer than the strength suggests.

Nose. Without water this was just too much for my wee nose, with added water and some time though it really opens up. Well fired pasty, very ripe bananas and walnuts, rapeseed oil, almost rum with a raw Christmas cake mix note and some spirit, the more water the less spirit.

Palate. Olive oil rubbed into a leather gag (you know you’ve been there) clove and dried ginger, that raw Christmas cake mix again, salty and toffee popcorn.

Finish. Spicy, malty and those barely sweets again.

Powerful whisky this, I don’t think this would be for everyone but I really liked it, I suspect in a few years this will be excellent, it’s another pricey bottle too but again as they’re just starting up I’ll let them away with it and this is a pre order price as the whisky won’t be out until 2019, I mean Christ only knows how much it must cost for rent for a London distillery.

Try this, if you can.

The Captain.


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