Bimber Signature Single Malt London Whisky 46.1%

A mixture of bourbon, sherry and virgin oak casks used here, it’s a six month old spirit bottled at 46.1% and is a fascinating glass of what will become whisky, not for the beginner though.

This whisky should only be consumed with Knees up Mother Brown in your head in a Ray Winstone accent, you slaaagggssss.

I think it needs a touch of water and a good hour in the glass or it’s a bit of a bully.

Nose. Interesting, floral and sweet sherry at first then a big blast of charred barrels, you know that smell of a freshly lit barbecue which has had a wee bit too much fire lighter added, tobacco and burning Sycamore leaves (guess who’s been doing lately?).

Palate. Dark and bitter chocolate, smoke, tobacco and a touch of spirit, after a couple of hours in the glass there is a touch of Turkish Delight covered in icing sugar and some wood.

Finish. Short and surprisingly sweet, slightly burnt fudge and barely sweets.

A complex dram for something so young when this is released as a whisky I would expect it to calm a bit on the wood notes but everything else should be just as sexy.

I like this, it’s expensive though, it’s £120 a bottle on pre order which is a fair amount for such a young product, craft or not, and it doesn’t need the wooden box or leather strap but I’m hoping that if they do well then future batches and increased sales will see the product become accessible to us street urchins, and if doesn’t I’ll have to go all Oliver Twist on their asses.

Much Love to Bimber for the sample set, you can pick up samples over at their website.

The Captain.




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