Bimber Distillery New Make Spirit 63.5%

Touch of Background first.

My roving reporter Alex who you can follow at @whisky_overlord was able to pop down to the London Whisky Show and reported back that his star new find of the show was from Bimber, I’d never heard of them and assumed he was drunk.

But yeah, Bimber, a London distillery who up until now have been making a name for themselves selling Vodka and gin but now are producing a range of spirits which will be called whiskies in 2019 and are available for pre sale, unless I’ve misunderstood.

I have received a sample set of the New Make and five other experimental spirits which will hopefully all be produced and named as whisky in the future.

Bimber means Moonshine in Polish.

Batch Number 022 New Make Spirit.

Bottled at a whopping 63.5% this is a remarkable spirit from London Distiller Bimber.

With this I take it neat, I just let the liquid touch my lips and no more, letting a small amount enter my mouth to taste rather than taking a mouthful like I would with a regular glass of whisky. (Interestingly Bimber suggest diluting this but I think it actually loses something when you do which is the reverse of how I normally see things.)

Nose. Light and sweet, a big sniff and you can tell it’s powerful but it’s not rough, freshly baked bread and

pineapple juice and icing sugar.

Palate. Alarmingly enjoyable, sweet, those soft spongy banana sweets and a light sponge cake, fondant icing and for some reason carrot cake.

Finish. A gentle warmth and honey on warm toast sweetness.

I’ve tasted a fair bit of new make spirit before and this is quite remarkable. It’s just lovely, it’s a very powerful drink but to taste this neat, just tiny sips at a time, it gives one of the finest drinking experiences I’ve had in years.

I have another five samples from Bimber to get through over the next couple of weeks and I’m not sure my tiny mind can cope.

If you can you should get a miniature of this and try it for yourself.

The Captain.



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