Compass Box Phenomenology 46%

I adore Compass Box, fun without taking themselves too seriously and whilst their prices might be creeping up to the point I won’t be buying they still produce some very good whisky, which when all said and done is what’s important.

This is bottled at 46% and only needs a drop of water or you’ll drown it out, at least I think you will, it’s non chill filtered too, which all the kids love these days.

Compass Box are doing the exact opposite of what they normally do with this blended malt and not giving any information at all, which is fine by me.

Nose. Wholemeal flower, icing sugar and a touch of lime leaves. Touch of aniseed and then a little whiff of sour cherries and orange peel.

Palate. Imagine dusting a vine leaf in icing sugar and you’re on your way, there’s a citrus sweetness too, reminds me of a Bellini cocktail so peaches and champagne, right at the end a wee bit of coffee and dark chocolate.

Finish. Dark Chocolate, coffee and some sherry soaked raisins make an appearance.

Little bit all over the place this, a subtle whisky on the nose with more oomph on the palate but I think that you’d want more of this rather than the very generous sample I received from Compass Box to fully get to grips with this.

The Captain.



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