Compass Box No Name 48.9%

Limited to fifteen thousand bottles, and I know they’re using the word rather loosely here, and bottled at 48.9% this is apparently the peatiest whisky Compass Box have ever produced.

Now, I’m not sure we need a race to be the peatiest, I’ve found whiskies which market themselves as being mega peaty to be style over substance, I mean, I was out burning leafs earlier on and I was certainly the smokiest thing in Glasgow for half an hour let me tell you, but hey, it’s almost certainly ruined my neighbour’s washing so all clouds etc.

Like I said, I give not a single fuck about something being peatier that something else but if this is up there with their Superb Peat Monster then we’re all in for a treat.

I thought this sample lovingly provided by Compass Box needed a drop of water, half an hour in the glass and worked spectacularly well with a bar of dairy milk.

Nose. Road tar (is there another kind?) and burning wet leafs, something I’m very familiar with of late, dying embers and then some of that TCP you get with Laphroaig (there is no Laphroaig in this by the way)  and which I find a bit much but it’s softer than some heavily peated whiskies I’ve tried, dark red fruit jam and some clove.

Palate. This hits you like a large branch falling from a recently storm damaged tree, something else I’ve recently encountered, smoke and ash, clove and treacle, touch of spicy barbecued meat done over moss (it’s not my fault you don’t know what that tastes like) and a sweetness, I’m going to say fondant icing but with a touch of licorice.

Finish. Smoke, white pepper, delicious.

This is a beautiful whisky, it’s robust and powerful but with complexity and given time in the glass reveals a lot.

I will buy this and put it away for another time, it’s a special occasion dram for those with a love of peat.

Going over to the Compass Box website and you can request the full recipe.

The Captain.

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