The Whisky Show.

I never get out the house, not much anyway, so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce my roving reporter Alex.

Alex is a lovely chap and will hopefully be representing Whisky Apocalypse and helping me out with reviews and photo journals such as this whilst I establish the site.

I’m not here to put words into his mouth so we’ll stick to what he told me and some picture evidence.

Whisky Show 4
Alex likes bikes as well as whisky which is all I’m saying about this.
whisky show 3
First time trying Canadian Whiskies and he was totally bowled over by them. 
Whisky Show 8
A totally new find, Bimber Distillery from London, Alex had a lot of time for these chaps and I’ll try and source some info as soon as I can.
Whisky Show 6
One of the stand outs of the show for Alex, I’m very jealous as I’m a massive fan of Paul John and Shilton is a lovely chap.  
whisky show 1
The Glenfiddich Stand standing out as always.
Whisky Show 9
Charming gents. 
Whisky Show 5
Sometimes, trying to understand Alex requires both whisky and concentration. 
Whisky Show 10
He sends me this picture with no offer of any explanation of what’s happening so I’ll guess it’s some sort of mind transfer device. 
Whisky show 15
French Whisky
Whisky show 12
Head wear.
Whisky Show 7
Of of Alex’s top drams of the show.

And there we have it, if you’d like Alex to take some pics or drink your whisky then give us a shout.

Hopefully next year I’ll be there with him, but if not my roving reporter will do me proud again.

The Captain.

Follow Alex at @whisky_overlord

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