Glen Moray 1994 Bourbon Barrel 56.4%

Part three of three in a mini series on the distillery only bottles from Glen Moray.

This beast is bottled at 56.4% is £125 of your hard earned greenbacks and has raised a couple of very awkward questions for me.

Okay, to be fair it poses one question, but it’s a big question all the same.

When’s a Scotch not a Scotch? I’m drinking something that was distilled in Elgin, in Scotland, it was poured into a barrel and left, in Scotland, for over twenty years, but this? I dunno, it’s like it’s crossed a line or something.

This noses like a bourbon, it tastes like a bourbon, I mean, it’s a bourbon in all but name, it must have been a fierce cask back in 1994, let me tell you.

Let’s leave that for a moment, shall we?

Nose. Spicy charred oak, toffee, maple syrup and vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and then some ginger.

Palate. The spicy heat from ginger and clove hit first, vanilla, thick whipped cream, burnt sugar, toffee, roasted sugared almonds, leather and hints of tobacco, it’s got it all.

Finish. Rich, reminds of Eagle Rare 17, touch of smoke, leather and sweet vanilla.

So, is this a Scotch? Yeah, of course it is, it says it on the label and stuff but if I handed you a glass of this most of ya’ll would say you were sipping a fine bourbon and I’m just not sure that was the point of it but as an experiment to see how much wood can affect the spirit it’s an absolute goldmine and not every whisky should be easy sipping.

The Captain.


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