Glen Moray 1994 Peat Cask Finish 56.3%

Part two of a three part series looking a distillery shop only range from Glen Moray.

Bottled at a whopping 56.3% this bottle has spent sixteen years in bourbon casks before spending its last six years in casks from Islay (distillery unknown) it retails for £125 a bottle and is only available from the distillery shop, and no doubt auction.

I took a bit less water with this than I did with the sherry finish bottle from the same range, I still look a good two teaspoons.

Nose. Floral, heather honey, over ripe oranges, freshly laid road tar, lavender, rosewater, touch of smoke in the background.

Palate. BOOM, the peat arrives on the palate and is, at first, overwhelming, it’s like a dying man’s handshake on the nose but on the palate it hits you out of nowhere, the hit is quite something. Once it settles, toffee apples, maple syrup, toffee apples and finally a touch of mace.

Finish. The smoke kicks about forever like tar on a road, in a good way mind.

So, if you’re ever up in Elgin, give it a whirl.

The Captain.


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