Gerard Bertrand Naturalys 2015 Viognier 12.5%

A natural wine from Gerard Bertrand was selected for me by my wine gurus at Good Spirits Wine and Beer in Glasgow.

It was, I seem to recall about twelve pounds a bottle and was chilled in the fridge for an hour or so before serving with barbecue, it may have coincided with the last Whisky Apocalypse Towers Barbecue of the year seeing as how it’s getting even worse outside.

Nose. Apple Blossom, Pear Blossom and a touch of damp grass and honey.

Palate. Honeysuckle, ripe pear, lots of citrus happening, lemon and lime sweets, a wonderful wine, crisp yet sweet and tastes lighter than something which is over 12%

Finish. Touch of lemon and lasts until you have another sip.

A quite special bottle of wine, delicious, crisp and enough happening to make this worth seeking out.

The Captain.


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