Highland Park Dragon Legend 43.1%

It seems like Highland Park bring out a bottle every other week but I suppose it’s a case of making hay whilst the sun shines and yeah, I can the point of those who criticise such things but here we are.

I bought a bottle of this the day it came out, Tesco decided to release it earlier than Highland Park had requested and my wife happened to be in Tesco and lucky ol’ me.

It’s forty quid retail although expect this to be on offer from time to time, I’d say be looking to spend between thirty and forty on this.

I think works out okay neat but a teaspoon or two of water helps it along.

Nose. Salted caramel and salted dark chocolate, sweet smoke, tobacco, water brings out the citrus and a touch of lavender.

Palate. Barbecue grilled oranges sprinkled with brown sugar springs to mind, touch of earthy peat but it’s not overwhelming, oak and spiced vanilla.

Finish. Sweet smoke and medium finish.

I know this is the sort of bottle which might cause a bit of a scene, it’s Highland Park’s 500th bottle this year, or so it seems, and forty pounds for a NAS whisky is pushing it somewhat but then it’s also a very nice whisky and certainly if you see it on offer then I’d jump at it.

The Captain.

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