Syndicate 58/6 12 Year Old Douglas Laing 40%

Interesting bottle this, I received a decent sample and ended up picking up a bottle when I saw for a fiver off to really get to the  bottom of it, not literally though, I take ages to drink a full bottle these days.

Sold at around £30 I’d suggest that although it’s perhaps a few pounds over priced you can pay a lot more for a lot less these days.

Bottled at 40% I’ve found it just takes a drop of water to really bring out the flavours.

There is a reasonably interesting story behind the name which you can read about over at the Douglas Laing website if you’re so inclined.

Nose. Alcohol burn at first which surprised me but it settles after ten minutes and the water takes it away completely, lots of oranges, candied fruits, honey, ginger and chai tea.

Palate. Quite spicy, warm sherry notes, apple juice and red apple skin, caramel and vanilla, quite rummy actually rather than the sherry notes you’d expect from a sherry casks whisky, perhaps the grain is coming through more?

Finish. Short and pleasant, touch of spice and a bit nippy but I quite like that.

This is nice but might not be on your radar unless you’re a Douglas Laing fan and search them out, good if you find it for just under thirty pounds.

The Captain.





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