La Charlotte Absinthe Charlotte 55%

Bought this half in Marks and Spencer, by the way, Marks and Spencer are in no way paying me to big them up, I just happen to buy a lot of booze because they are just up the road.

Fifteen quid for a 50cl bottle of 55% Absinthe with natural colour and no dodgy flavours, so that’s good news.

Now, I’m no way an expert on Absinthe but it’s a drink I enjoy and giving opinions on, if you know more then get in touch and let’s work on something together, get me?

Again, I watered this down with super cold water and took the mix down to about 25%

Nose. Fennel and anise are more present here, it’s a much earthier spirit than other absinthe I’ve tried and might, perhaps, take sugar well but I’ve not bothered doing that. Spicy notes too, curry leaves and coriander.

Palate. Fennel at first, clove, anise and spearmint, coriander and raw mint leaves.

Finish. Like all absinthe the finish lasts until you drink more absinthe or brush your teeth.

If you fancy a bottle of absinthe in the drinks cabinet then this is a natural and honest product with decent absinthe feel for a low cost and pretty bottle, it also comes with a sugar spoon, then yeah, go for it, I have had better though.

The Captain.



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