Casa Belfi Col Fondo Prosecco 10.5%

This wine is absolute pure filth but in the very best way possible, and, I’ll admit from the off, has totally changed my approach to drinking wine, it is fucking superb, not only the best Prosecco I’ve ever tried but the best wine with bubbles from anywhere, yup, it’s that good.

It’s a bottle of beautifully crafted prosecco which has wee bits in it like Orangina does but this is not Orangina.

This bottle capped (I know, a bottle cap) bottle of filth is a fizzy, murky bottle of joy, glera grapes are used here if you’re bothered and it’s 10.5%.

Nose.  It’s fascinating, it’s smells sweet but dry, floral but yeasty, a raw acidity and sour grapes and rotting pears, yeah it’s that good, it’s almost foosty bread and butter, and, both over ripe and bitter grapes, yeah, at the same time.

Palate. It’s so dry I think the only thing dryer would be sand and yet there is a sweetness there somewhere, candied lemon, yeast and twiglets, touch of acidity and then it hits me, it’s like eating warm crusty brown bread with some lemon sorbet on top.

Finish. Abrupt.

This is just joyous, I know I’m not Oz Clarke but I used to think I knew a little bit about wine but after drinking these wines I have to admit I clearly know bugger all, wonderful, buy some of this, buy it now.

The Captain.



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