Alfredo Maestro, Albillo Lovamor 12.5%

“This smells like flat Krug tastes” was a drunk impression of this, and it went from there.

On my quest to understand and properly understand orange and natural wine I’ve gone and bought myself three more bottles from Good Spirits Wine and Beer and I spent a few hours devouring this outstanding bottle of wine the other night and my notes did become a little bit messy so forgive me.

This is real step up from the Marks and Spencer bottle but it’s also twice the price so you’d expect that, it’s also fierce, it looks all sweet and innocent from the label to the orange liquid but it’s as far away from sweet and innocent, like a puppy, with rabies.

This wine, if you’re interested was fermented with wild yeast (which must be a nightmare to hunt) and has six days of “skin contact” which means the juice and the skins stay together for a limited time, the wine is then “raised” (their term not mine) for a short time in small steel vats with nothing extra added or taken away, true story.

Nose. Imagine, if you will, a savory apple pie, maybe some thyme, lavender and rosemary with buttery pastry, pork chops and lots of apples, this is what I imagine that sort of pie would smell like. Yeast, warm bread, butter and a touch of something sour.

Palate. This, again, loves to take the moisture away and it takes a couple of little sips before it settles down, an almost overwhelming experience but something that’s very much worth getting to know. It’s almost thick wine too, it has a bit of a scrumpy nature to it and this is a good thing, bitter grapes that my dad used to grow and say were lovely (they were mostly awful but the odd one was nice), something mineral but I can’t place it.

Finish. Crisp and sour and lovely.

You’ll notice I’m waffling here, this is because I don’t really understand wines like I understand whisky but I’m learning and I think that you and me together can expand our knowledge of a beautiful product we should all be drinking.

The Captain.



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