Naked Grouse is changing

One of my favourite blends is getting a change of direction and is becoming a Blended Malt over the current Blend.

If you don’t know the difference let me explain.

A blend is a whisky made up of malts from different distilleries with an element of grain whisky thrown in often to soften out the rough edges of the malts.

Grain whisky is usually produced in huge volumes and can be called when bottled on it’s own as Scottish Bourbon.

A Blended Malt is a mixture of malts from different distilleries but with no grain, these are usually seen as superior to standard blends.

Owned by Edrington, Famous Grouse has The Macallan, Highland Park and Glenturret to choose from their own brands but of course can always bring in from outside.

I’ve not been told what’s in this new blended malt but I doubt they’ll be much Macallan and Highland Park as the demand for these as Single Malts is just too high but I’ve decided to do a three way taste test, yes a three way taste test.

I have an old bottle of Famous Grouse, something from the early 80s which will have a high level of Macallan and Highland Park and I’m going to line this up against a bottle of Naked Grouse Blend and a bottle of the new Blended Malt, as we’ll see where we’re at.

Naked Grouse is a fantastic blend and I have high hopes for this new expression, it’s the top Famous Grouse expression that mortals can actually afford and I know it’s popular so this new effort better be good or they’ll be hell to pay.

The Captain.



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