North Star Spirits Tennessee 13 Year Old Whiskey 51.3%

Mention Tennessee and whiskey to anyone who even has a passing interest in alcohol will immediately think “Jack Daniel’s” because, well, it’s pretty much the most famous spirit in the world, it’s a whiskey and it’s from Tennessee. So when a sample of North Star’s 13 Year Old Tennessee from an undisclosed distillery I thought “I wonder if that’s from Jack Daniel’s?”

There are seventeen working distilleries in Tennessee according to Google but only Jack Daniel’s and George A Dickel are well known so it’s great to be able to sample something that’s perhaps a little bit different.

It smells and tastes nothing like Jack Daniel’s so that’s a good start.

This is bottled at 51.3% and I took it with a little bit of water.

Nose.Roasted corn on the cob, burnt butter, lots of spicy oak, burnt sugar, clove and leather polish.

Palate. Oak at first, then a sour note, orange rind, charred barrel and spiced chocolate and a touch of chilli.

Finish. Chilli chocolate and rich spiced oak.

Interesting dram this, aged American whiskey is usually pretty expensive, especially over ten years, and whilst this isn’t one for the casual bourbon drinker for the experienced American spirits drinker this is a winner.

The Captain.


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