La Maison Fontaine Absinthe Verte 55%

Absinthe gets a bit of hard time doesn’t it? For some it is a deadly concoction still banned for others it’s a cheeky nod to the bohemians and for me, well, it’s a perfect nightcap on a warm summer’s evening (we’ve been lucky in Scotland this year, we’ve had four such evenings).

This is my second punt at reviewing this most controversial of spirits and I’ll be nosing with a 70-30 water to absinthe mix as it’s not designed to taken neat, not by me anyway.

First of all let’s be clear. Absinthe isn’t really a session drink, it’s strong yes but it’s also a very over powering drink, have a glass of absinthe then try anything else you like and trust me all you will taste is absinthe, it’s just that kind of drink. The best way to take this, I’ve experimented and done some online research is use very cold water to dilute the spirit and then sip gently, it doesn’t seem to make any difference how long you leave it for either, it still tastes the same whether poured for ten minutes or an hour.

Nose. Anise, spearmint, peppermint, fennel, touch of dill, lavender and rosewater.

Palate. Sweeter, just, than the Adnams absinthe I reviewed a while back, peppermint and anise, an earthy feel to it, herbal notes, parsley and coriander seeds.

Finish. As with all absinthe the finish lasts forever and ever and ever.

Works will as a rinse for a gin and tonic too and try adding a drop or two to a glass of peated whisky, makes for a very interesting experience but this sits fine with cold water. I wouldn’t bother sweetening this either I don’t think it would work at all well.

Just remember, don’t get too torn in, you may well regret it but sipping by your fire pit as the sun sets, perfect.

The Captain.


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