Tbilvino Qvevris “Orange Wine” Marks and Spencer 12%

I doubt I’ll do a lot of wine reviews but I have recently bought a handful of interesting bottles where reviews are scarce and if nothing else it will get these wines out there for people to read about.

There is one specific reason I’m reviewing this which I’ll get onto later.

Orange or Natural wines are produced by leaving the skins in with the juice and then in some cases allowed to ferment in clay pots buried in the ground. There is little to no use of yeast or sulfates either giving the wine an almost historical feel, I imagine this is more like the wine we were drinking a few hundred years ago, maybe.

No oranges are used, it’s merely the colour the wine becomes, in case you are wondering.

The wine is super dry, I have only tried this Georgian effort bought in by Marks and Spencer as it’s cheap at a tenner, cheap for orange wine anyway, bottled at 12% and was chilled for a couple of hours.

Nose. Peaches, spicy notes, must, like a robust scent for a chap or a dry sherry.

Palate. At first all the moisture is sucked out of your mouth, it’s a very dry drink and not what you expect from looking at it, after a couple of sips though it’s unmistakably quince, wee bit of clove and a touch of pink peppercorns.

Very interesting wine.

It’s not much of a sipper either but it’s outstanding with food, we tried this with barbecued trout, Italian sausages, steak and a spicy aubergine stew and it was just fantastic, which brings me nicely to the specific reason I’m reviewing this.

It is the perfect drink to accompany spicy food. I have tried beers, wines, cocktails and spirits and nothing comes close to complimenting spicy food as this, it’s brilliant.

I will now try my best and get hold of another two bottles of orange wine and compare them for your pleasure.

Get this bought and get it tried.

The Captain.





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