Mezan Jamaican XO Rum 40%

My other bottle of rum picked up at Marks and Spencer is this fine affair from Mezan.

I thought Mezan was one of those Marks and Spencer make up, like those idyllic farms they say their chickens come from, that sort of thing, but no, Mezan are an independent rum bottler from the Caribbean who have produced several highly regarded rums, so every day is a school day, huh?

Bottled at 40% this goes well with an ice ball or neat and great with Ginger Ale or lemonade.

For the review I tried this neat, many times.

Nose. Pungent over ripe squishy bananas, caramel, lovely warm campfire smoke, vanilla and cherry pipe tobacco.

Palate. Barbecue roasted bananas, sticky toffee, toffee apple, pipe tobacco, charred cask, spicy oak.

Finish. Short, smoky and caramel laced.

Another great rum, expect to see more rums over the coming months as they offer excellent value for money, this is on offer at Marks and Spencer and stands up very well against whiskies of the same price.

The Captain.









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