Black and White 40%

An old fashioned blend for a simpler time, I bought this for about ten quid in Spain.

I have never seen it in a shop in the UK although I’m sure it’s kicking about somewhere but as the UK slips ever more away from blends towards single malts it might be harder than it should be.

Black and White is one of the classic blends of yesteryear. It sits alongside White Horse and VAT 69 as old bar favourites which still sell well abroad but have fallen by the way side here.

This needs little to no water is bottled at 40% and may well have colouring and be chill filtered but there isn’t much tampering with this young (4-6 years old I’d guess) whisky.

Nose. Light, touch of rough alcohol at first but settles to corn and sweet porridge, a little floral note but not much else.

Palate. Pleasant corn rich spirit, lemon, barely sweets, clove? Yeah, I think a wee bit of clove.

Finish. Short and sweet.

It’s a basic yet pleasant whisky, it’s cheap but without any harshness you might expect for a tenners worth of whisky. I’m now going to try and get an old bottle of this to compare so watch this space.

The Captain.


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