No.3 London Gin. Berry Bros and Rudd 46%

Posh wine merchants are not, I grant you, the first port of call when people are considering a bottle of spirits but Berry Bros and Rudd (BBR) offer a fine range of whiskies and Cognac and more recently, gin.

No.3 is named after their address in St.James’s Street is bottled at 46% and is designed to be “the last word” for a Dry Martini and I got a wee sample off them as part of my gin voyage.

I’m still not entirely sure how to review Gin as it’s not something people drink straight up or just over ice is it? I mean I’m sure there are few perverts out there but I just don’t think it’s what it’s made for, yeah?

I’ve decided therefore to do a brief nose before I make a Martini with it, so here goes.

Nose. Fresh and light for something young and 46%, Lemon and Lime and, of course, juniper berries, there’s something else too, it took me ages to figure it out then it hit me, one of my wife’s orchids has a faint raspberry note to it, and this smelled of that, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Martini Test.

Take a well chilled Martini Glass.

Add a decent measure of a vermouth of your choice and coat the glass by gently rolling it around.

Add some No3. Gin, I go for about 60/40 in favour of the vermouth which I know isn’t the traditional approach but then it’s me you’re talking too.

Add an olive.

Sip gently.

This works a treat, it’s not a harsh spirit and doesn’t have anything too powerful in the botanical mix allowing you to enjoy a light, dry and slightly dirty Martini.


The Captain.


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