Highland Park Dark Origins 46.8%

Originally for the US market Dark Origins has become a cult classic within the Highland Park Fanboy community and now I’m half way down my bottle I thought I’d share my views on it with you, lucky ol’ you, eh?

It’s bottled at 46.8% and has a picture of an illicit smuggler on the bottle who looks a lot like David Beckham who I always thought was more of a blended grain kind of chap.

I have tried this neat and it needs a drop or two water.

Nose. Chocolate orange, vanilla, treacle tart with cream, the smoke is lighter here, pipe smoke but being smoked in the room next door, toffee and undiluted orange squash.

Palate. Smoky chocolate, cracked black pepper, melted butter, dark chocolate and marshmallow in fact it tastes of S’mores that have been done on the barbecue.

Finish. Sweet, smoky, chocolate and orange liquor. very nice, medium finish.

I’d grab a bottle of this, it’s not your typical bottle of Highland Park and interesting for it.

The Captain.




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