Highland Park 12 Year Old 40%

New bottle, same liquid, so I’ve been told, so let’s pick up a bottle, pop the cork and get torn in about it, Viking style.

I’m not one for bleating on about packacking, I’d ban boxes and tins and I’m not that fussed about bottles either although I’m very partial to the wee Grouse foot on Naked Grouse but other than that? Meh.

But gosh haven’t Highland Park knocked it out the park with the their new bottle of the standard 12 Year Old? It’s lovely, there is a picture at the bottom of the page but I just love all that knotwork engraved feel, very nice.

It’s also got Viking Honour on the bottle because as we all know no Viking warrior would be sent to Valhalla without a hip flask of Highland Park on the Long Boat.

Anyhoo, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t reviewed the 12, it’s an old favourite on mine and should be on everyones to do list.

It is bottled at 40% and works well neat but I take a touch of water.

Nose. Wood shavings and timber yards, light peat smoke, smoked paprika, apples, stewed tea, sweetness from honey and lots of toffee with a touch of coffee in the background.

Palate. Smoked honey, lots of barely sugars, the light peat sits well with the sweetness, sweet tea then stewed tea, rich oak and then sweet orange honey.

Finish. The smoke and smoky comes on with some honey and candyfloss, a medium and beautiful finish.

A wonderful dram, it’s been a staple in my home and right now you can pick up the older bottle for under twenty five pounds and this will be too come Christmas because it’s always on a wee offer somewhere.

The Captain.



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