North Star Fortified Wine 20%

This will be all sold out soon too, I have just bought a couple of bottles for the loft stash but it’s worth ready because I’m always worth reading, right?

I’ve not reviewed a fortified wine before, this is because I’m not in any way an expert and I think in the main I’m going to stick to spirits but this is just dynamite, I’m glad I’ve only had a sample and my order will arrive when I’m back on shift because I could easily drink a bottle of this and I don’t think that would end well.

This is bottled at 20% and drinks like a fine port although what it actually is is Pedro Ximenez which has been racked into old Islay Whisky casks and allowed to marry for a couple of years, imagine that?

Well imagine no more.

Nose. This is crazy, fresh unlit pipe tobacco, ash, perhaps even stale pipe tobacco (a smell I love) coffee beans and chocolate.

Palate. All the smoky chocolate, milk and dark chocolate, raspberry jam and touch of liquorice perhaps, roasted hazelnuts covered with treacle.

Finish. The thickness of the liquid coats the mouth and that smoky chocolate lasts a long time.

Just a brilliant drink, thanks to North Star for the sample and I’m just glad this is only twenty quid a bottle because I am skint as it is and buying two bottles of this has ended me.

I honestly cannot imagine bringing out a better drink for after dinner at Christmas, it’s that good.

The Captain.




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