Adnams Pomme Pom 40%

Imagine taking my favourite drink on a hot summers day and distilling it into a 40% super sexy spirit? Well imagine no more as now you can go out and get yourself a bottle of just that, a distilled cider from Adnams.

This has had three years maturing in oak casks and then watered down to bottling strength but I would pay a lot of good money to see a cask strength version of this, what a beast of awesome that would be.

I mean honestly, just FUCK YEAH.
This is bottled at 40% and works well with ice or neat or with some Crabbies Ginger Ale or even some apple juice and a top up of cider.
For this though I’ll just drink it neat.
Nose. FUCK YEAH, Apples, obviously, but apple pie with vanilla custard, cinnamon rolls with lots of icing on top.
Palate. FUCK YEAH, Apples, pepper, those cinnamon rolls with icing again, sweet cider, dry cider, all the cider.
Finish. OH AYE, FUCK YEAH, toffee apples all the way.
Christ Almighty I would drink this every day if I could, I would pour it over ice cream, I would almost drink it from the bottle through a straw.
Buy this.
The Captain.

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