North Star Spirits Vega 23 Year Old Blended Malt 51.1%

Vega sounds, and the bottle looks, like it’s made in tribute to Flash Gordon or perhaps more accurately Prince Vultan, screaming DIIIIVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE As he hoors it into battle taking one last swig before he does so, it’s that sort of moment.

This is bottled at 51.1%, natural colour and no chilly filtering.

I took this with a teaspoon of water and it needs time in the glass, about half an hour, if you don’t I find that Sulphur note is overpowering but time and water sort that right out.

Nose. Sweetness, sherry and honey, warm vanilla cream, rum soaked cherries and raisins, a touch of smoke, cherry wood and smouldering barbecue.

Palate. Malt tastic, lots of barley sweets, orange and pear drops, sweet golden syrup laden porridge, molasses and a touch of pork crackling and maple syrup, dark, smoky and sexy.

Finish. Lingering mouthful of hot boozy hot chocolate and cream, dancer.

Braw, this is, or was as it’ll be long sold out now, a fantastic bottle of whisky, I rarely comment on a whisky’s appearance (because I assume no one reading this is blind) but it’s a lovely dark, seductive dram and just makes you want to delve on in.

All that and it’s under fifty quid too but it’s probably all gone now, I should probably do those wee press release things before this sort of thing comes on sale but I just can’t be arsed, get in touch over on Facebook or Twitter for a sample swap if you’re interested.

The Captain.