Compass Box Double Single 46%

I have hummed and hawed for a while whether or not to put this out, mainly because I’m lazy and really busy just now but also because this is a very frustrating whisky.

Compass Box have produced a very nice dram, it shows that sometimes less is more and both the spirits used here ( this is made up from seventy something percent 19 year old Glen Elgin and the rest is Girvan Single Grain, and that’s it) are excellent quality but it’s awfully expensive for what it is and perhaps the time has come for the good chaps at Compass Box to reign it in a bit regarding their pricing, I dunno, I understand making hay whilst the sun shines but this is nearly £150 and over 5000 bottles is pushing it for limited edition status but, and it’s a huge but (much like my own) it is a very very good whisky, and so here it is.
It’s bottled at 46% I took my three glasses with varying amounts water and found that it needs just a drop or two and benefits from a good half an hour in the glass. 
Thanks to Compass Box for the generous sample.
Nose. Freshly unwrapped peanut butter cups, buttermilk icing, little touch of aniseed and for some reason I get Dill, but just a tiny back note.
Palate. A warm chocolate mouthful, milk chocolate with a touch of caramel, salt and raisins, vanilla, coco powder, lime leaves and a pinch of nutmeg.
Finish. Mmmmm chocolate as Queen Elsa once said in Frozen, long lingering mouthful of sweetness with vanilla and toffee matching the chocolate. 
This is a perfect whisky on so many levels but the price still gnaws at me, go and check the prices of an aged Girvan and Glen Elgin then tell me that this is worth the price, except it’s lovely, it’s a really nice bottle of whisky, I haven’t yet bought one but will hopefully get my hands on one next year when my bank managers allows me to leave the house with my credit card again. 
Try this and I bet you’ll love it but will you buy it? I hope so but not so much as I don’t end up with a bottle.
The Captain.

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