Spanish Holiday.

I’ve just had a brilliant holiday, it was warm, the company was great, the hotel was lovely, and the shopping was fucking brilliant.

I will admit here and now that I got a bit carried away, I was like a child in a sweet shop and my bank manager has now called me in for a stern talking too and I’ve promised not to buy any more whisky for a few weeks, apart from the two bottles I totally need to get this week, then I’ll stop, I promise.

So the Spanish, apart from living in a warm country full of lovely stuff and cracking looking people, don’t get anywhere near as hammered on duty when it comes to whisky, although I noticed some whiskies were rather over priced compared to others and I found some right bargains.

I’ve now lost the receipts for what I bought but I have some very fond memories of my recent purchases.

I only had limited funds because we were all inclusive on our trip so didn’t take loads of money with us, next year though I will be saving up and making sure I have plenty of spare weight in the suitcases, which I did anyway.

I was always going to buy some stuff, I picked up two bottles at the Airport, The Balvenie 14 Year Old Peated number and the peated Ancnoc as I do like having a few Travel Retail purchases on the shelf.

I also really fancied picking up a few classic blends you struggle to buy here, so went for;

Black and White, under a tenner.
J&B 15 Year Old, under twenty.
Vat 69, Under a tenner.
William Lawson 1 litre, under fifteen notes.

So four very decent bottles of whisky for under fifty pounds.

I also went for a bottle of Arran Port Cask Finish which was about ten pounds less than you’d pay in the UK a bottle of Rum, a bottle of Tequila, a bottle of Pink Gin and a few minis just to fill up my cases.

My star find though has been a bottle of Spanish Brandy which is just beautiful, I will be doing a full review of this over the next few weeks but it is just outstanding, one of the best spirits I’ve had this year and that’s saying something by the way.

We are fucking well and truly ripped off in the UK, I can’t imagine how sore it must be to be in those countries which are hit even worse than we are, but the Spanish are very lucky.

The Captain.

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