Adnams Spirit of Broadside 43%

Oh I do like something a bit different and this spirit drink from Adnams is certainly that.

Famous throughout the real ale bearded fraternity Adnams has been producing beers for donkeys and has branched out, over the last dew years into spirits, as you may have already seen with my review of the Adnams Absinthe.

Spirit of Broadside is basically the go faster striped version of the Broadside Bitter, it’s not as whisky as it’s only been matured, in Russian Oak barrels, for 12 months.

I would try this neat if I were you adding water seems to wash it out a bit and for something young I would still leave it for twenty minutes in the glass to let it breath a bit.

Nose. Hop filled beer, strawberry bon bons, banana bread, walnut, vanilla and finally a little touch of dried chilli flake.

Palate. The similarity to a pint of bitter is remarkable, sweet and crisp apples too, sugary porridge with a touch of vanilla flavoured rum, chocolate hob nobs.

Finish. Beery.

An unusual drop but far superior to the “beers” put out at thirty odd percent by Brewdog and compared with some of the oak aged spirits kicking about there is enough happening to keep things interesting.

The Captain.

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