Lidl Islay Single Malt Whisky 40%

Lidl have brought out three new core whiskies, three NAS (non age statement) single malts from Highland, Speyside and this Islay effort.

These are youngish single malts but for a sniff under eighteen pounds who’s complaining? Not me.
Bottled at 40% with a bit of colouring and chill filtered water isn’t really needed but I did get one or two extra wee things with a teaspoon of water chucked in.
It also doesn’t need much time in the glass either, ten minutes sitting and it’s ready to go.
Nose. Road tar, charred cask and whiffs of peat smoke, burnt brown sugar, a little water the smoke and brings on some mulled wine and cinnamon.
Palate. Banana Angel Delight mixed with cough syrup (we’ve all been there) charred meat and peat smoke, it’s young right enough but with enough flavour to keep it interesting, water does nothing for the flavour but I noticed if you get distracted for an hour and forget about it there is a nice apple crumble backnote.
Finish. Short and sweet, touch of medicinal smoke and brown sugar. 
Reasonable this, it’s a straightforward simple approach to Islay whiskies and it’s well worth trying out if you fancy peated whiskies but are maybe a bit put off and it’s a decent all rounder for a mid week sipper.
One last thing if anyone from Lidl is reading this, fancy marketing your whiskies a bit more? It’s almost like you’re embarrassed by them.
The Captain.

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