Highland Park Sigurd Travel Retail 40%

Fucking how much?

I was half tempted just for a laugh to leave the review with those three words and a picture of me staring at the bottle in wonderment, I mean it’s a serious glass of whisky and no mistake but this is around one hundred and forty quid a bottle, and yes it’s 43% and it’s a litre but wowzers.

I didn’t feel this needed any water at all, it’s quite a delicate dram too and water, in my opinion, washed out the flavours rather than enhancing the spirit.

Fun Fact One. Sigurd is named after the Orkney based inventor of large windows, an Orcadian called SawuComin Sigard the Third.

Fun Fact Two. This is the first bottle of any whisky to be matured out at sea on a viking long boat.

Thanks to the chaps at Highland Park for the sample.

Nose. The sherry casks leave the whisky with a wonderful baked apple stuffed with sherry soaked raisins, rich warm oak and smoldering ash on a dying fire.

Palate. Oily mouthful, rich smoke and stewed fruit crumble with whipping cream, orange honey and lots of sherry infused barely sweets, which if were real would be amazing, there is a hint of leather and furniture polish in the background.

Finish. Decent length, smoke, leather, beeswax and toffee, a very pleasant evening.

I was torn on whether to put this review out, I mean it’s a stonking dram but it’s too expensive for me without the provenance that frankly, it deserves, it makes my review list because it’s lovely to drink and if you see it on offer or maybe on free pour in an airport then I’d jump on it.

The Captain.

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