Gin cocktails

I have received a fair few gins recently and although I will review them as stand alone drinks it’s more as part of a overall look at gin and I don’t know many people who sip gin neat so I thought I do a few cocktails and fling them on a video just a wee change of pace.

I have no idea why my accent is so different on film to how I hear it, do I sound this odd? 
Anyway, thanks to Eden Mill and Berry Bros for the sample although I will be buying the oak aged gin from Eden Mill and have already bought a bottle of Number 3 from Berry Bros. 
All three gins used are excellent though and I’m hoping that when I get the other handful of gins in I can do a couple more of these videos to run alongside the reviews.

Click here to view, I hope, I hate these things. 

As I’m a bit rubbish at videos I’ll say this on each cocktail.
Ginger Peach Fizz.
Only add a touch of gin here, it’s kinda sweet and you’ll end up hammered after drinking twenty of them in half an hour as I would on a warm day.
Gin and Tonic.
The Absinthe rinse is just to add a little extra flavour, something a bit different so don’t go wild or you might as well just drink Absinthe as it’s properly overpowering.
I am a bit soft when it comes to Martinis, this idea of just rinsing a glass with the vermouth is madness to me but each to their own. I only don’t think you need extras like olives or bits of lemon peel.
The Captain.

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