Highland Park Harald Travel Retail. 40%

Named after King Harald Bishop of Neighbourlandinfjord this travel retail bottle is part of the Warrior series of which I am reviewing four of in preparation for the release of an updated version.

Bottled at 40% it’s just over seventy pounds a bottle which is rather pushing it for a NAS whisky at this strength, it’s just as well it’s a litre bottle. 
This needed a lot longer in the glass than the others and only a suggestion of water, half a teaspoon, this suggests to me that there is some decent aged stock going in here but I could be talking bollocks.
Nose. Imagine taking a big bowl of sherry steeped fruit mix, raisins, sultanas, orange, lemon, cherries and the like and then throwing it into a charcoal fire pit (this is exactly the sort of daft thing I’d do to smoke some aged beef) and this is the nose I’m getting, Ginger and salted caramel come along after a good half an hour in the glass.
Palate. Stewed Lapsang Souchong tea, stewed rhubarb and apples in butter, reasonably sweet after a while but lacks the oomph the others have offered. 
Finish, Medium length, more sweetness than smoke but it’s decent.
This is a nice bottle of whisky but like I mentioned earlier it’s a pricy bottle and considering, in my opinion, there is a lot of aged spirit in here I think this deserves an age statement.
The Captain.

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