Jack Daniel’s Cider. A review for Jonathon Web, since he asked.

When this first came out it was priced at around £3.50 which is just silly, now ASDA are punting it at a much more sensible £1.50 I took a punt and picked up a couple of bottles to see how well it worked, if at all.

It’s bottled at 5.5% and I drank this straight out the bottle which I took straight out the fridge.
Nose. Doesn’t nose like Jack Daniel’s which is a good start. Mild apple cider with vanilla notes, lots of caramel and a touch of clove. 
Palate. Very pleasant, sweetened apple cider with a very light touch of whiskey added, vanilla and honey notes, the influence of the heavily charred barrel is here but only just. 
Finish. Short, sweet, cider.
I am at the furthermost point away from a cider or beer snob as you can imagine and so have no problem with this, at over £1.50 you’re into Thistle Cross Whisky cask territory and that is far superior to this, this is a bit of a gimmick but it’s not bad and I think it would be churlish to dismiss it out of hand.
The Captain.

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