Adnams Absinthe Verte 66%

Absinthe has a bit of a bad rep I think, all that tripping bollocks that doesn’t exist and the fact there are loads of awful low strength, artificially coloured numbers kicking about means navigating the Absinthe world is a bit of a mine field.

I’ve decided to look at three Absinthe over the next couple of months and as there isn’t a great deal of Absinthe reviews and opinion online I’ll do a few more if people are interested. I say that but decent Absinthe is expensive, I can’t really do swaps because no else has any and no firm seems to want to send out samples, but we’ll see.
This is also my first look at Adnams. Adnams are first an foremost a brewery who have, over the past few years, moved into making spirits and over the next however long it takes me to knock these out I’ll be looking at least four spirits from the Adnams range.
This Absinthe is bottled at a weighty 66% and is all natural colour from Hyssop and Lemon Balm, we also have wormwood (because it’s not absinthe without it) Star anise, green anise, fennel, coriander and caraway.
I have experimented with this in different ways first neat but at 66% it’s just over powering and too much for a delicate wallflower like me and after some time spent fiddling about adding water I found a 60-40 Absinthe to water made for the best experience in terms of getting the most out of the spirit.
I did try the whole burning sugar thing but it was a total fucking waste of time and precious absinthe it just made everything taste of burnt sugar and what’s the point of buying expensive absinthe just to do that? 
The water was ice cold but I didn’t add ice. 
Nose. Anise at first with lemon balm and crisp clean feel to it, there is a honey element here too but it’s not honey but Hyssop which is often used by bee keepers to create a more floral honey, and yes I did have to look that up, a touch of mint floats in an out as the water is added.
Palate. A creamy mouthful of a drink this, anise, wormwood, over time, and I sipped this slowly, spice comes out, coriander, and curry leaves, black pepper and then it lightens to produce a mild sweetness, orange marmalade and lavender honey. 
Finish. The finish on this and the other couple of absinthe I’ve been studying last forever, the anise and wormwood just take a hold and sit with you forever. You’d need to brush your teeth then have a curry before you got the taste out of your mouth, not that I’m complaining because it’s really nice.
Nice drop of booze this, it’s a well made, solid spirit, I can’t compare it to absinthe of old because I’ve yet to find an old bottle for sale but I think my palate is sophisticated enough to get a fair amount out of this.
If you can still find this I’d pick it up.
Drop a little of this into a glass of chilled glass of sparkling wine to add a little twist to your pre dinner aperitif. 
The Captain.

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