Highland Park Einar Travel Retail 40%

Nestled at the bottom Mount Valhalla to the North of Kirkwall lies the Highland Park distillery, it’s actually hard to find as it’s in the middle of a forest,hundreds of huge Norwegian pine trees standing at over 100 feet dominate the landscape of Orkney as we all know and this bottle is a tribute to the first Viking who planted trees on the previously rather windswept Island, Einar being the Norse for “he who plants aw the trees”, honest.

This bottle for Travel Retail is being re issued and so I thought I’d dig out my samples and do a cheeky review, thanks to Highland Park for the loot, and then when the new ones come out I’ll review them to and do a side by side. 
It’s 40% and from ex bourbon and ex sherry barrels and I took it with a drop of water.
Nose. Grassy, floral too, Rhododendron and Blue Bells (both of which are going bananas in my garden at the moment), toffee, oak and smoke although it sits behind everything else rather than being overbearing. 
Palate. Salted caramel, smoked and almost burnt brown sugar, orange and lemon peel, wee touch of charcoal.
Finish. Long lasting, smoky caramel sits about for ever, very nice.
Good bottle of whisky this, it’s about sixty quid for a litre too so a half decent price.
The Captain. 

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