Highland Park Svein Travel Retail 40%

It was at a meeting between Cnut the Great and Harald Hardrada during the battle of Mag Femen that Scotch whisky was first invented after an fortunate incident involving a viking battle axe, a bonfire and a bottle of craft gin and we’ve been sipping the nectar of the Gods ever since.

Or something like that.
Whatever, Highland Park do love their vikings don’t they, I have expect to hear the cry of Valhalla every time I pop the cork on a bottle and I’m always slightly disappointed when I meet up with someone from Highland Park and they aren’t massively bearded and carrying a sword or axe, and yeah, wearing one of those pointy helmets they wear, or don’t. 
There aren’t even any burning pyres at their offices.
Anyway, moving on, I am looking at the four original bottles for travel retail and the first I’m looking at is Svein, pronounced, eh, Svein? Dunno, it’s bottled at 40% and it comes with no additional additives and a “natural cask driven colour” which I assume means no added colouring.  
The bottles are due to have an update shortly and I’ll review them too if I can to give you a comparison. 
I received a sample of this from Highland Park delivered by a long haired man travelling on a Knarr.
Nose. There’s a thing I do where I bake to dry out slices of orange to then put in my open fire to create a nice burnt orange smell rather than my house smelling of bonfire, this whisky smells of that, there is also some crushed black pepper, heavily charred oak and then some sweetness, brown sugar vanilla.
Palate. Peat smoke bonfires and oak, burnt caramel, treacle tart covered in thick double crea, touch of burnt croissants with marmalade. 
Finish. Sweet smoke, lemon peel and a wee bit of burnt sugar.

Braw, although might be better if a wee bit stronger but that’s just me.

The Captain.

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