Adnams Southwold.

Say Adnams to most people and you’ll either get a blank look or they’ll say beer, because Adnams make a lot of beer and have done since since 1872.

The Suffolk brewery make some fierce ales indeed but have over the last few years diversified into making some hefty stuff too, although oddly for a company who seem obsessed by boats they’ve not a rum, which I’m aghast at. 
I first became aware of Adnams after spending some month looking up Absinthe and stumbled across them, simple as that. Investing further I found a company pushing what a small craft distiller can offer to the very limits and I picked up a bottle of the Absinthe, the Spirit of Broadside, the Triple Distilled Whisky and the Pomme Pom Apple Spirit.
So over the next few weeks be prepared to be wondered at a Willy Wonky style operation and I’ll do my best to get more products and info as the months go by.

Now, I’ve decided to look at the four spirits mentioned for a reason. The Absinthe because I have bought a few bottles to do some reviews because it’s a bit different, the whisky because I review whiskies and the other two because they’ve taken one product, a beer and a cider and beefed them up to spirit level and not only do I approve of this I’m just fascinated that they’ve done this and it’s worked so well, because believe me, I wouldn’t be wasting your time writing this up if they weren’t all superb.

They source locally too and are very environmentally friendly with a brewery, distribution centre and their Copper House Distillery which produces their spirits, they also have local shops, pubs, hotels, a wee beach and some bees, honest. they have their own bees, for security apparently.

The Captain.

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